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Touche of the Day

Siri can go overboard with sarcasm sometimes.


Touche of the Day

16 9 / 2012

Approximately two thousand years ago, the disciples and early followers of Jesus were pretty sure that he was coming back ‘soon’.  I don’t know if their definition of the word soon is different from ours now, or if something was lost in translation, but it has been two thousand years. Anyway, people today are still saying that Jesus is coming back soon. No one knows the exact time, but we all have our reasons why we think our Lord’s return is soon (or soonish). 

There are plenty of biblical prophecies with various interpretations and different eschatological perspectives and schools of thought on the timing and manner of Jesus’ second coming, and to everyone his or her own beliefs on the topic. The last thing we need is a list of seven more (ridiculous and most likely inconsequential) reasons why Jesus’ return is soon, but here they are anyway: 

 #7. Wifi internet on planes. If you don’t think this is incredible and a potential sign that this is the end times, then you might not understand just how awesome this is. I mean, flying hundreds of feet up in the air at five hundred miles per hour in a giant metal tube is awesome enough, but having wireless internet access up there, that’s incredible! How much further can technology possibly advance!? If there’s no where to go technologically, Christ must be near. 

 #6. Global warming is said to be getting pretty serious. If the earth is melting and we’re on the brink of all kinds of climate problems that could make much of the world uninhabitable, then Jesus has to be sitting on the edge of his heavenly throne. 

 #5. Cars can drive themselves. Apparently, several automakers have developed cars that use sensors, satellites, and other technological wizardry to drive themselves. Not only is this cool, but it’s potentially life-changing. What if the cars revolted? Also, it’s kind of lazy on our part. If cars can drive themselves, the kingdom of God is certainly at hand. 

 #4. Science is getting pretty advanced. There have been some cool scientific discoveries as of late like teleporting light and discovering something called a Higgs Boson. Both these things present possible challenges to our complete understanding of the laws of physics and could provide us with more information on the makeup of the universe. Maybe God is in heaven ready to surprise us and come back to humble us so we don’t start the tower of babel 2.0. 

 #3. It’s the year 2012. Okay, this one is pretty ridiculous. My understanding is that the big hurrah over 2012 has to do with the Mayan calendar. I don’t think the Mayans were the experts on Jesus’  second coming and Heaven and such, but there are Bible-believing Christians who suspect this is a big year for us; you never know, right? 

 #2. Steve Jobs is no longer with us. Now, Steve Jobs wasn’t exactly a prophet of the Christian church, in fact, as far as we know, he wasn’t a follower of Jesus. But you know what, Steve Jobs innovated and took our world to places we’d never seen before. I mean, the iPad, that thing is like straight out of Star Trek! Where will we go without Steve? I’ll tell you, Jesus is going to come back and show us some new technological awesomeness even the Jobs couldn’t have thought of. 

 #1. Boy bands are back. Yes, it’s true. After the rapid international success of Justin Bieber, music mogul Simon Cowell decided what we needed was a group of five JBs. So now we have the (in)famous boy band ‘One Direction’. That’s right everyone, boy bands are back; you thought that with the the downfall of N’SYNC and the Backstreet Boys, that boy bands were done for. Nope. Also, the Spice Girls are reuniting to make a musical. I don’t see that Jesus can stay in heaven much longer with the state of things here on earth. I bet he’s just begging the Father to send him back.  

 Well, there you go, a complete seven point list of ridiculous and preposterous (but plausible?) reasons that Jesus is coming back soon. Now if only we knew what exactly soon was.  

23 7 / 2012

Well, early June has come and gone. A lot of people have been asking recently how things are gig with my move to England. I thought I’d post an update on my blog to bring everyone in the picture, especially since I posted about it before. Here’s the deal…
Due to the strange and unexpected course of life, I wasn’t able to scratch together enough money to qualify for the Youth Mobility Scheme visa and other expenses. So, I’m still here in Toronto. I’m temporarily staying with family in Etobicoke while I look for work. I am very much still going to England, but the timing is looking different from what I originally had planned and hoped for. At this time, I’m looking for some well-paying temp work in an office environment that will allow me to save up enough money to make it to the UK in early September. So, just delayed a few months.
We don’t always know why things don’t work out according to plan, but I now that there’s a bigger plan. While it may seem disappointing and sad at first that things didn’t work out the way I had hoped and prayed for, I’ve come to see how being in Toronto a couple more months actually has benefits and how God can use this time for some good stuff before I leave.
I’m still praying in God’s supernatural provision and grace for my move and I’d love to ask you to do the same. In the meantime, for those in Toronto: you have me a little while longer, and to those in England, you will still be seeing me soon!

Much love to all my friends and family,

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I hate the word instantaneous. it’s stupid.

14 7 / 2012

I love @anyDO’s text predictions. “call back Jesus” #IgotGodsnumber

I love @anyDO’s text predictions. “call back Jesus” #IgotGodsnumber

15 5 / 2012

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve last blogged. A lot of change has happened and more is coming. The letter below is from an email I sent out last night to almost all of my contacts. I’d love for you to read it.

As of a couple weeks ago, I am no longer in employ at Catch The Fire (church) and am also no longer living in the High Park/Bloor West area. It’s been kind of crazy. My work at Catch The Fire was coming to a close, and it seemed that the opportunity to serve on staff there was ending. At the same time, my roommate was also going through a period of transition and he felt that it was time for him to move out of Toronto.

As many of you know, I have a huge heart for England. I’ve been praying and looking toward the future for an opportunity to live there. With these two major transitions in my life happening at the same time, I realised that I am being provided with an opportunity for great change and adventure in my life (something I’ve wanted for quite a while); it’s time for me to pursue this dream of living over ‘across the pond’ and start a new chapter in my life. I can’t fully explain why, except to say that it feels like everything in me is being pulled to the UK.
There are so many reasons I want to be there. The UK is filled with such great history, culture, and innovation; there’s so much to learn and take part in. There’s so much going on and it’s such a great time for me to take the time for a life-changing two years. It feels so much like a “meant to be” decision to go and live and work in England and develop great skills and experience.

Here’s the challenge: to qualify for an applicable visa to live in England, I need to have at least eighteen-hundred British pounds (about $2900) in my bank account. Since my employment with Catch The Fire has ended, I’m unable to raise the funds on my own. On top of the necessary support funds, there are additional costs such as the visa application fee, the cost of the flight, luggage, and other miscellaneous fees and expenses for getting there as well as getting started.
I’d like to ask for your support in my endeavor to move to England and start a new chapter in my life. At this time, my pressing need is the means to qualify and apply for the visa and to book my flights. I would love and be so honoured if you would partner with me in this journey with a financial gift.

As mentioned earlier, I’m hoping to fly to England at the start of June. The visa application process is quick, and I’ve already begun the necessary arrangements to move overseas, but I need your help to make it happen.

It’s with great excitement, hope, and general “warm fuzzy feelings” that I send this to you and I’d love to have you as a supporting partner in this journey. I would be more than happy to answer questions about this new chapter and the process involved, and welcome your encouragement, wisdom, prayers, and feedback.

Sincerely yours,
Matt Mitchell